Friday, September 22, 2006

Shock Of The Day: Sixteen Volts Gone

This is not something I would've really expected to looks like Ilkka Kokkarinen, the author of Sixteen Volts somehow got hit with so much email that it led to the blog being deleted except for a couple of posts. While the goodbye post does make some sense, part of the reasoning also eludes me. For one thing, why did he use his real name considering that it would only make him an easy target to shoot down when enough angry people reacted to his posts? Also, while some posts may be taken as mean-spirited attempts at mocking feminists and such, why remove every last post - even when those sensitive topics never came up for mocking?

Since I didn't get time to visit Sixteen Volts the day before the deletion, I have no real idea right now what must have been said to trigger the whole incident. However, I defiantly refuse to believe that the author simply decided that his posts were mean and therefore deserved to be taken down. It's much more reasonable to think that some aspect of his personal, real-world life is being threatened and that those doing the threatening are either citing his blog as a reason, or that deleting the blog is meant to destroy evidence before it is seen by the wrong person.

Oh well, time to remove Sixteen Volts from my blogroll, as I'm sure other blogs will also do the same. If I actually discover some new and important information in the near future, I'll revisit this topic, otherwise, all I have to say to Mr. Kokkarinen is farewell.


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